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What is it about the human body that entices our curiosity, daring us to try to understand and control it? Religion, government, science, business, artists... hell, even aliens are all rumored and reputed to have poked and probed their way into our bodies. Since the Dawn of Man we have searched for a soul or even a source code, hoping to hack into the human being with myths and metaphors; magic and medicine; law and language; totems and tools; barcodes and biotech; nanotech and even numbers. Some hacks worked, some didn't.

Some are still working...


Auto-BodyTechno-BodyHuman BodyFashion BodyTrans-Body
Body CodeNeuro-BodyMagic Body
Dreaming BodySuper BodySpiritual BodyAlien Body
Posthuman BodyCyborg BodyCyborg Body FashionStrange Body
Virtual BodyDoll BodySex BodyDead Body
Body ImageNobodyBody for Sale
Empirical BodyFlesh BodyBody Double